Who are we?

Prenolica (formerly Solagran) is an Australian Biotech company founded in 1995.


The company’s primary focus is the research, development and production of a range of unique biologically active substances known as Bioeffectives.


Bioeffectives are obtained using world first patented technology. It allows for the isolation of “live elements” of green biomass, mainly conifers, in a way that both preserves and amplifies their biological activity as balanced, synergistic complexes, particularly polyprenols.


They are multi-molecule natural substances, which have multiple applications with the advantage of few; if-any side effects.


The Bioeffectives research program spans almost 90 years. It has resulted in the development of a number of commercialised products world-wide including a natural pharmaceutical for the treatment of liver disease.


Prenolica believes the use of Bioeffectives in medicine offers a new approach with the ability to prevent many chronic illnesses and result in real and sustainable improvements in health outcomes globally.


It should also be noted that their use in agriculture and animal husbandry can enhance the integrity of the human food chain by reducing the need for toxic pesticides and antibiotics.


Consistent with the wishes of those who started the Bioeffectives research program in the 1930’s, and those who are continuing this legacy, our primary focus is to improve the health and wellbeing of mankind.

Board of Directors and Senior Management, Scientific Advisory Board, Petersburg Academy and Team.

Solagran’s patented technology involves the extraction of the “live elements” of trees in a way that both preserves and amplifies their biological activity.

For decades these materials remained state secrets of the former Soviet Union.

Solagran’s primary purpose is to free a significant proportion of the world’s population from the pain and suffering caused by a wide range of acute and chronic diseases.

Solagran does not cut any trees to manufacture Bioeffectives®. All raw materials are drawn from unused waste generated by the forestry industry.

The Board of Solagran Limited is responsible for the Corporate Governance of the Company and to monitor and guide the business affairs of the Corporate Group on behalf of and in the interests of all stakeholders.

The company that uses unique green technology and world leading science to produce highly effective natural substance with multiple applications collectively trade marked as Bioeffectives.