Bioeffective A

“Sourced from pristine conifer forests, it contains a multitude of vital components provided by nature, working synergistically in helping support the body, fight infection and aid a healthy vibrant life”


Bioeffective® A, was the first member of the Bioeffectives® family to be developed. It is obtained through Prenolica’s unique patented process for the extraction of the live elements within conifer green needles.


It is a biologically active product obtained through a specific hydrocarbon extraction of the green needles and twigs of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies (L) Karst.  Its Australian Approved Name (AAN) is “Conifer Green Needle Complex”, CGNC.


It is a dark-green, almost black, slightly alkaline, viscous, aqueous based paste comprising several hundred components, with fatty and terpenoid resin acid salts and their derivatives, terpenoid alcohols, polyprenols and their esters, carotenoids, and chlorophyll derivatives of pharmaceutical significance.


Bioeffective® A is unique because, unlike conventional pharmaceuticals, it does not rely on the action of one or a small number of targeted active constituents to deliver therapeutic benefits.  As a galenical complex, it contains compounds similar to those found in the bodies of humans and animals.


This is why Bioeffective® A is so easily assimilated, has such high efficacy and extremely low toxicity.  It is also why it has such a wide range of applications in the prevention and treatment of illnesses and in the promotion of health.


During the 900 day siege of Leningrad the precursor to this substance (CCCP) was used extensively as a source of valuable nutrients and as a treatment for wounds, burns and frostbite. It played a pivotal role in saving many thousands of lives.


Bioeffective® A is approved by the TGA for use in listed oral and topical products. It is the active component in TAIGA PROFESSIONAL A 320 capsules, approved as an antioxidant complex, and registered and sold in Australia. It is also commercialised in the UAE, and in Malaysia (as NuvaPine® capsules. In Australia Bioeffective® Gel (with Bioeffective® A), a product designed to be a potent antioxidant and to aid in the healing of minor skin irritations such as minor burns and wounds is also marketed.


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