Bioeffective I

Bioeffective I is a pure, red concentrate obtained from the branches and needles of the Siberian Fir using mild extraction technology. From the pristine native forests of the Taiga, this unique liquid captures the life force and a multitude of nutrients directly from nature”


Bioeffective I is a water-soluble natural extract generated by first grinding the green needles and small twigs from the Siberian fir that have been collected from the pristine forests of Siberia.


The resulting ground material is then subjected to a patented extraction process at high pressure (requiring no alcohol). Many components of this unique botanical material are also highly sensitive to heat, as a consequence extraction is performed at room temperature, thus ensuring the integrity of the material is maintained.


The finished extract of Siberian fir needles takes on average 7 tonnes of fresh foliage to produce 100 litres of this concentrate. It is a vibrant red colour, which is due to the presence, amongst others, of a natural complex of iron and the potent antioxidant, maltol.


This complex has been shown to have superior bioavailability to other forms of iron. Oral iron supplementation is linked to extensive gastrointestinal side effects and possible disease exacerbation. Clinically trialed supplementation with Iron maltol has delivered meaningful improvements in haemoglobin and showed a favorable safety profile.


General health and immunity are constantly challenged by today’s fast paced & pressured lifestyle. Factors such as poor diet, pollution, alcohol and stress create “free radicals” that can cause oxidative damage to our cells, effecting cell ageing and compromising health. To combat these free radicals our body requires antioxidants.  Bioeffective® I is currently sold in Australia as Taiga Professional SIBERIAN RED® (a TGA listed antioxidant product) and has become a favourite of elite athletes aspiring to find that extra edge. It has powerful antioxidant properties making it ideal for everyday use or during recovery when fighting oxidative stress.


Bioeffective® I is also approved and marketed in Russia as a concentrate for soft drinks, and promoted as a general tonic.


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