Nature meets Science in perfect harmony … Bioeffectives are more than zero waste by-products.


Derived from green foliage which for centuries has been discarded as waste, the manufacture of Bioeffectives subsequently produces absolutely zero waste.


No tree is ever cut down to produce Bioeffectives®.






An important aspect of Bioeffectives® production is the fact that it has the potential to enhance significantly the economics of the forestry industry.


Bioeffectives® technology means that for some species of tree, the value derived from the foliage can match that derived from the timber.


Prenolica does not cut any trees to manufacture Bioeffectives®. All raw materials are drawn from unused waste generated by nature and the forestry industry.


The removal of this waste reduces fire risk and increases the health of the forest environment. This is a positive contribution to the ongoing management of the forest.


In addition Bioeffectives® production process does not produce any unusable waste materials.


Once all of the Bioeffectives® have been extracted, the residue can be used as a mineral rich organic fertiliser.