Bioeffective R

“Bioeffective R is transparent pale yellow oily liquid extracted from European Fir (Picea abies), it is a highly purified mixture of polyprenols. Polyprenols are converted to dolichols in the body and play a unique and vital role in the function of healthy cells. Deficiencies are believed to contribute to chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders”


Bioeffective® R is a biologically active product extracted using Prenolica’s sophisticated patented technology from green needles of conifer species.
It consists of a mixture of polyprenols (acyclic isoprenoid alcohols) homologues of very high purity. In addition there are also carotenoids and vitamin E.


Polyprenols are naturally occurring analogues and precursors of dolichols, and play an important role in all vital functions and are essential in cellular biosynthesis of glycopeptides (glycoproteins).


Research and development of polyprenols has been restricted to date by their  prohibitively high extraction costs.  Live conifer needles are one of the richest and most widely available sources for polyprenol extraction in the world.


Prenolica, using its patented technological extraction process has constructed the world’s first manufacturing facility for the production of commercial quantities of high grade polyprenols.


Bioeffective® R  is currently sold in Russia as Ropren® Drops , a registered prescription pharmaceutical, it was approved by the Russian Ministry of Health for entry into the Russian Pharmacopoeia as a hepatoprotector for use in treating chronic hepatitis and hepatobiliary dysfunction –  with monographs for both the active raw material (“Ropren® substance”) and the finished product (“Ropren® drops”), a solution of Bioeffective® R in a pharmaceutical grade oil.


As such, it is the only natural medication of Russian origin to be registered in Russia for over 20 years.


Ropren has been the subject of extensive clinical trials to confirm its efficacy and safety in the treatment of liver disease.


The trials in Russia also showed that Ropren had significantly wider applications than liver disease. This included the ability to normalise immune response and normalise cholesterol levels, as well as alleviate the symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.


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