About Bioeffectives

“Bioeffectives® are biologically active galenical substances obtained using specialised, patented technology. It allows their isolation as balanced, synergistic complexes particularly polyprenols possessing high nutrient and therapeutic properties. They are the result of an extensive research program that commenced in 1930’s”


The aim was to isolate the “live elements” responsible for the phenomenal natural endurance of conifers, which flourish in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C.


For decades these materials remained state secrets of the former Soviet Union. Today they are known as Bioeffectives® and are derived from the world’s largest botanical research program, research spanning  80 years and in excess of 4.5 million PhD hours.


Prenolica is commercialising this group of therapeutic products, which are obtained using unique patented multi-stage extraction processes that employ very soft technology to extract ‘live elements’ of the conifer tree foliage without damaging their biological activity.


These completely natural products have shown to have multifaceted therapeutic actions with high efficacy, and are remarkably free of side effects.


Most are compositionally complex, containing  variously chlorophyll, carotenoids, polyprenols, vitamins, diterpene resin acid derivatives, bioflavonoids, minerals and other components.


Bioeffectives® have been used to improve health in times of great historical significance. The bioactive green needle extract we now know as (CCCP), later developed into CGNC (Bioeffective® A), was used on a wide scale in 1940’s (during WWII) as a topical anti-infective and wound healer.  During the 900-day siege of Leningrad (St Petersburg) it was also rationed to the city’s population as part of a meagre daily food intake. Known as the “elixir of life”, it helped save thousands from scurvy and starvation.


More recently, Bioeffectives® were used to help workers involved in rescue and decontamination activities following the Chernobyl disaster.


Following the transfer and acquisition of this unique Russian technology in the 1990’s, research, pre-clinical and clinical trials have continued and the Bioeffectives® family has grown.


There are currently 17 Bioeffectives® in the portfolio and research is on-going into their incredible properties.