Intellectual Property

Prenolica has an enormous body of intellectual property (IP).


In all of Prenolica’s intellectual property protection work the company starts with a Russian patent filing. Russia is a signatory party to the same international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and trade mark framework (Madrid Protocol) as Australia and many other prominent industrial nations.


Holding a Russian patent immediately provides Prenolica with ‘priority’, effectively preventing the patenting of the same intellectual property globally.


Following the grant of our Russian patent an International PCT is then pursued where this is considered necessary. The PCT allows international protection to be immediately sought by entering into individual “National Phase” applications in nominated countries/jurisdictions.


Prenolica’s IP strategy is centred on a comprehensive technology patent, that is broad in scope  covering its unique extraction technology. It is a PCT originally granted in Russia with national applications granted in Australia, USA Latvia, Indonesia & Canada.


This patent is the foundation of Prenolica’s intellectual property. It currently covers the extraction process for the production of five individual Bioeffectives® (A, N, S, R & V) and has the potential to cover further Bioeffectives®.


This position is then bolstered by patents related to the specific therapeutic applications of individual Bioeffectives. All of which were originally granted in Russia and have followed on to “National Phase”.


Prenolica has undertaken a substantial patent application program for the therapeutic use (and where possible composition) of Bioeffective® R (Ropren- a registered pharmaceutical in Russia) and Bioeffective A for a number of conditions including dementia, H Pylori and alcohol dependence, many of which have been granted in multiple international jurisdictions.


In addition Prenolica holds a technological patent for the specific extraction and production method of Bioeffective® I. Originally granted in Russia this PCT has proceeded to grant in Australia, USA, Europe and Malaysia.


Prenolica has a strict policy in relation to the release of scientific and clinical trials results. As a listed company we keep the market informed with a summary of the results of trials and potential commercial implications as soon as practical following receipt from our research partners. However, if the results contain inventions or breakthroughs for which patents will be sought, then the full details of the trials results will not be made public.