Research & Development

“Bioeffectives® are the result of an 80 year research program that began at the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy in the 1930’s. It is arguably the biggest botanical research program ever undertaken worldwide.”


It is not possible to do justice to the teams of scientists who have devoted their life’s work to studying the healing power of the extracts from conifers grown in the vast pristine Taiga forests.


In essence however it distills down to a trust in the principal that ‘in nature lies the cure’. Unlike the common ‘western’ approach of searching for and isolating THE active ingredient, at Prenolica our scientific team has firstly focused on extracting the truly ‘live elements’ of these trees using unique technology specifically developed to preserve and in some cases amplify their biological activity and efficacy.


The process can be tuned to obtain specific fractions or combinations of the underlying biologically active compounds. This enables new Bioeffectives® to be developed that are more likely to be effective in treating a particular disease or combating a specific group of pathogenic micro-organisms.


The 17 Bioeffectives® in Prenolica’s current portfolio have all been derived from the application of its technology to northern hemisphere conifer species. These trees represent a particularly rich source. However the technology has also been applied successfully to the biomass obtained from other trees, as well as plants and seaweed.


The schematic illustrates the extraction hierarchy associated with the process used to obtain Bioeffectives®


Prenolica has the ability to quickly determine the potential yield of Bioeffectives® available from any tree species. Over the next few years, it intends to apply its technology to many other plantation tree species, particularly tropical species and those species that are native to Australia.


Research is ongoing into the incredible potential of Bioeffectives®