Boards and Management



Vagif Soultanov, DSc (Hon), PhD

Executive Chairman

Vagif Soultanov is the principal founder of Prenolica and led the Bioeffectives® research team in St Petersburg in the 1980s. He has doctoral qualifications in both organic chemistry and biochemistry, and is a registered medical practitioner in Russia. He first came to Australia in 1990 to work with the CSIRO Division of Forest Products as part of an inter-governmental scientific exchange program. He has published over 60 scientific papers in Russia and internationally and holds a number of patents.


Alexander Kurganov


Alexander Kurganov is General Director of SibEx Limited based in Tomsk Siberia, 85% owned subsidiary of Prenolica, Australia. He has been a lecturer in science at the Tomsk Polytechnic University and has 5 patents (Russian Federation) and 21 publications. He directed the construction of the world’s first facility to produce polyprenols from conifer species.


Dr Ian Nisbet

Non-Executive Director and Chairman Designate

Dr Nisbet joined the Prenolica Board in October 2014 and has over 30 years of drug development, business development and management experience at executive and director/Chair level in the Australian and international biotechnology sector. Dr Nisbet currently serves as Chairman or non-executive director for several Australian biotech firms and has Australian and international CEO and senior management experience.  He also has a part-time role as Deputy Director (Commercialisation) at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at the University of Queensland.  Subject to the achievement of certain milestones by the company, Dr Nisbet will assume the role of Chairman.


Dr Darren Schliebs

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Schliebs joined Prenolica in July 2013 and is an experienced senior executive who has qualifications in both business (MBA) and science (PhD).  Dr Schliebs’s senior management experience includes start-up biotechnology / healthcare companies (Alchemia Limited and Progen Pharmaceuticals) to billion-dollar revenue (CSR Limited), and most recently reported to the board and CEO of a leading Australian complementary medicine and dietary supplement company Integria Healthcare in a business transformation role.  Dr Schliebs has also published several articles in the scientific and trade literature and is an author of a granted patent.



Professor Vladimir Onegin, DSc, PhD

Former Chancellor

St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy

Professor Onegin was formerly Chancellor of the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy and the Head of Department of Mechanical Wood Technology. He is an Academician (Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences) a Director of the International Centre for Forestry and Forest Industries, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Utilisation and Renewal of Forest Resources at the Ministry of Forest Industry of the Russian Federation, and a member of the International Academy of Higher Education.


Professor Victor Roschin, DSc, PhD

Head of the Department of Wood, Physical and Colloid Chemistry
St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy

Professor Roschin is the leader of Prenolica’s research and development efforts in St Petersburg. He and his team are responsible for developing much of Prenolica’s Intellectual Property. Victor holds more than 20 patents and he has published over 150 scientific papers, both in Russia and internationally.


Alexander Raspopin

Vice Chancellor for Research & Development
St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy

Alexander Raspopin is the Vice Chancellor for Research & Development at the Academy. Previously, he was the Head of Department for Organisation and Implementation of New Technologies, and the Assistant Director of International Centre for Forestry and Forest Industries. He holds graduate qualifications in Economics from the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy.


Professor Yelena Lapteva D.Med, PhD

Professor of Gastroenterology

St Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies

Professor Lapteva is a leading clinician and medical research scientist. She plays a key role in Prenolica’s relationship with the Russian clinical and medical research communities. In addition to her role at MAPS, she is Head Physician at the LENMed Centre in St Petersburg.


Professor Valentin Elkin

Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Head of the Department of Biotechnology
St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy

Professor Elkin heads the Faculty within which all Bioeffectives® Research is undertaken at the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy, as well as controlling the Lisino Education and Scientific Production Centre. He is an Academician (Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences). In 2002 a Presidential Decree conferred on him the title Honoured Member of the Higher School of the Russian Federation.


Vladimir Bespalov D.Med, PhD

Head of Cancer Chemo-prevention
N.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology

Dr Bespalov is a leading clinician and researcher in the field of cancer chemo-prevention. He has published widely on the use of natural substances like Bioeffectives® in the prevention of cancer, and in their use in reducing the side effects of conventional cancer therapies.



Valery Choufarin

Legal Counsel
Prenolica Russia

Valery has a background as a design engineer. He retrained as a lawyer in the early 1990s and has been Prenolica’s legal counsel since 1999, after a period as head of legal services for the St Petersburg Society of Consumers. He is a Director of LLC Solana and LLC SibEX, and Managing Director of LLC Solar.


Galina Sabourova

Patent Attorney

Galina is one of Russia’s most experienced patent attorneys, having worked in intellectual property protection both in Russia and internationally since 1974. She is responsible for all of Prenolica’s IP protection work.


Tamara Nikitina

Clinical Trials Designer and Co-ordinator

Tamara is an experienced organic chemist who has worked with Bioeffectives® for more than 30 years. She has co-ordinated Prenolica’s clinical trails since 2003.